Månadens katt

Månadens Katt!

2010-05-31 22:21 #0 av: SacredSouls

I Juni måned har vi en nydelig engelsk herremann som pryder forsiden vår.Sjarmerende som få og passer kjælenavnet sitt med rette.




Billstes Fantastic Mr Fox  




The story of Mr Fox began at my friends (Bill and Steve's) house. When I arrived there, I sat on their sofa and immediately was launched upon by a foxy looking cat. He sat on my knee and rolled around purring.

He then had his little paws up around my neck ... you can imagine what happened next. I whisked him off in my handbag, knowing fine well I had no place for a stud cat but I was moving to Sweden soon.

My husband rang while I was in the car on the way home and he asked me "Oh, how did it go - your visit to see Bill and Steve?" ... with Foxy meowing in the background!  



 He fitted in no problem to my house and made best friends with my Siamese neuter boy, Yoshi. They did everything together. Foxy would enjoy lying in bed with his head on the pillow, fully stretched out.

 About six months later, I rented my house out and moved to my parents house as I prepared to move to Sweden. While at my parents house, I noticed that my mother's Chesterfield sofa seemed to be wet ... all over.

To my horror I realised the little Fox was not so little anymore and had adorned my mothers beautiful sofa with his charming perfume lets say. A new cat house was quickly resurrected from an old playhouse in the garden and the Fox and Lumai went to live in their little luxury palace.   Throughout this time I took him to some cat shows - he did well and the judges liked him.

 However, by this time, Foxy had grown a little paunch (kalaskula)! I had to cover his ears when other breeders would point and laugh! Poor Fox ..   We moved to Sweden and Foxy lives happily with Lumai in his Icicle House of The Fox. He doesn't really like the winter and has to come into the house if it gets too cold .. we don't want a frozen Fox on our hands. It is really difficult to have him outside - I feel very guilty at times, and often think I should just go and get him neutered. At the same time, I know in my heart I do all I can to keep him stimulated and make sure he is as happy as possible. He has a t.v. which my husband I can watch on an evening with him.






If I am outside he can help me do the gardening and annoy the neighbors. He is good at this. One day, while I was in the garden, I heard a shriek! The neighbor from next door came bursting out of her back door and started sprinting over to me. She told me that she had been having a little nap in bed and saw a large object under her duvet. It started to move and out popped the Fox! I had to try and comfort her without bursting out into fits of giggles.  








 Foxy has sired some beautiful babies in Sweden and England. He has a lovely long tail and straight profile. though his ears are not so big so he could take off nor be mistaken for a fruit bat in the dark.

I notice a big difference in Foxy's kittens in comparison to other stud cats I have used. Their temperaments are always very calm. They are more like ragdolls than orientals. From a few days old they seek you out and shout to be on your knee. They also seem to have the jealous toy growl off to a tea - Biggles growled around the house for about 1 hour the other night with a pipe cleaner.  


Baby Biggles



The Fox has been to two shows in Sweden. I plan to go to more, but I am not so keen on showing. I find it a little intensive on the occasion and poor Fox gets laughed at. Perhaps I will put him on an exercise regime - I could borrow my Dad's home made greyhound treadmill.   I am hoping Foxy will be my stud cat for a little longer, perhaps another year.

 Thank you Line for asking me to write this little Foxy story! 



Tusen takk Jamie for de fine bildene og den herlige historien om Foxy. Jeg kan virkelig se for meg hvordan din kjære reagerte da du kom hjem med han.

Og hvordan din stakkars nabo våknet med han under dynen Skrattande

Jeg har vært å snoket etter bilder av Foxy sine fine kattunger og la inn et par av de også

Vennlig hilsen Line

2010-06-01 00:37 #1 av: kalindas

Han är vacker! Kyss

2010-06-01 08:35 #2 av: alltidsiames

Haha, stackars granne som inte förstod vilket fint besök hon hade fått! Skrattande

2010-06-01 10:12 #3 av: Siameshona

Grattis!  vilken stilig herre. Ha.ha Unerbart när han var på besök hos grannen! din fina trädgårdsmästareSkrattande

2010-06-01 11:18 #4 av: Helenaf76


2010-06-01 11:54 #5 av: Zandrinos

Grattis till snyggingen!!!!

2010-06-01 13:19 #6 av: [hakkapelitta]

I luv Foxy! He is big and beautyful :)

2010-06-01 20:40 #7 av: Nilla

Woooow, what a cat!!! Congratulations! Glad

2010-06-02 01:56 #8 av: nintendo

Han är så vacker! Mina älsklingar Issy och Lucas hälsar till pappa Foxy Kyss

2010-06-03 19:08 #9 av: AngelsCo

Foxy är så himlans mysig!

2010-06-03 20:01 #10 av: Rithwa

så mysigt dina vackra katter har det

2010-06-06 00:26 #11 av: tuska

Grattis Foxy att ha blivit Juni månads kattKyss

2010-06-06 17:08 #12 av: Liilu

Thank you for all the lovely comments about the Fox! He is a real sweetie especially when it comes to annoying the neighbors!

2010-06-07 15:08 #13 av: MijmuPix

He is such a lovely and handsome gentleman! Glad

2010-06-10 00:11 #14 av: Beige

Congratulations to a beautiful calendar boy, no calendar man!

Great pictures!

2010-06-13 22:09 #15 av: [lisme]

Congratulations with the cat of June!


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